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Coaching with Jo!

How lucky are we?! The fabulous Jo Oosterhoff, Master Director of A Cappella West Chorus in WA, has been spending the week with us, sharing her amazing skills and knowledge of barbershop with our chorus and with a number of quartets. What a wonderful educator she is - we can't wait to keep working on the skills she has brought to us.

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Back in Business - what a BLAST!

We had such a wonderful time presenting our "Back in Business" show at the Hobart College Theatre on 7th August. We are so lucky that we are able to sing together at this time, and to be able to perform and share this joy with others! Thank you to our wonderful guest performers, and to our family, friends and fans who came along to support us. Celebrate what you CAN do, and never take anything for granted xxx

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Our newest members!

So exciting to have two new members officially join us! Welcome to the clan Ang and Deanna!

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Festival of Voices - sharing the joy!

What an amazing time the chorus had sharing our love of barbershop with Festival of Voices participants in July! Aside from our performance opportunities, Jenni ran two workshops: one, called "Barbershop Basics", which broke down what makes our style of singing so unique, and one simply entitled "Sing with Hobart Harmony", where participants joined in with the chorus to sing barbershop and contemporary a cappella songs. The enthusiasm was amazing, and we all had so much fun! Thanks Festival of Voices, so glad we were able to participate!

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Quartet & Small Ensemble Cabaret

A night with a difference! On 29th May, a number of the chorus's small ensembles braved the stage and the lights to perform for family, friends and fellow chorus members! We had nine of our approximately 13 ensembles perform... such a fun evening! Hoping to do some more of these in the near future. Such a great way to expand our singing skills.

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Oh What a Night!

What a wonderful night of celebration we had, 1920s style, at Wrest Point on the 15th May! This would normally have been our national convention weekend, and what better way to mark this than to make it our official "birthday" party in full glitter and glam! We had performances, dancing, fashion parades, speeches, photos... and LOTS of fun.Hobart Harmony is having a full year of celebrations for this, our 20th year since chartering with Sweet Adelines International.

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Back to Coaching - Glenda Lloyd

So exciting to have a real-live coach back working with us after more than a year! And how lucky are we? The amazing Glenda Lloyd spent the whole weekend with us, working on so many amazing things. Thanks Glenda - can't wait to see you again soon!

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...and two more!

Last night we added two new baritones to Hobart Harmony! Congratulations Ange and Sally. My, how our numbers are growing! And just in time for some coaching coming up this weekend. It's been a long time, and we are READY for it!

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More newbies!

A bit behind the times with this blog... three more beautiful members added to our number a couple of weeks ago! So exciting to welcome two new tenors and a new baritone! Congratulations Monica, Lisa and Tash :-)

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Back on the Risers!

Wow - has it really been over a year since we set these up?? Took a bit of "remembering" on how to do it, but how WONDERFUL to be able to sing on them again!

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Two New Members!

A big welcome to two new members! Olivia and Kate (pictured centre)  took part in our "Don't Stop Me Now" come and try series, and have gone on to successfully audition and join our membership. So fabulous to have you with us :-)

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Won't You Charleston with Me??

Yesterday a number of our chorus members were at the Mount Stuart Hall to get some movement and choreography practice in. With our chorus rehearsal venue currently dominated by chairs, why not move to a dance hall and enjoy having the room to move? And, while you're at it, why not learn some Charleston moves ready for our chorus 20s themed Gala Event at Wrest Point coming up in May? So much fun. Thanks to our amazing visual leaders Rachel and Ainslie - you are amazing :-)

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Our newest member!

Welcome to our first "official" new member for 2021! Gill travels down from the North West of the state every Monday to join us in rehearsals - talk about keen! 

We have a number of other prospective members at the moment, following on from our membership drive over February... so exciting to share this amazing thing we do with so many enthusiastic newbies! Who will be our next "official" member....??

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First night of our Come and Try!

The first night of our "Don't Stop Me Now" come and sing with us series went off with a bang! With some 15 guests attending, we absolutely rose the ceiling of our rehearsal venue!

If you didn't make it along, it's not too late: there are still two more Monday nights to go! Why not come and give it a go?? 7-9.30pm Guilford Young College Performing Arts Centre, Patrick Street, Hobart.


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Hobart Harmony is 20!!

Hobart Harmony has a big year in 2021: we celebrate 25 years since the chorus first formed, and an official 20 years of chartering (becoming fully-fledged members) with Sweet Adelines International. To kick start our celebrations we had a chorus dinner at our retreat, with cocktails, food and of course a wonderful cake!

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